We help governments, the private sector, start-up visionaries and civil society use law to realise climate change and environmental ambitions on the African continent and to navigate challenges when they arise.

Our advice is deeply specialized, but also orientated to be practical and accessible, underpinned by our extensive experience in multidisciplinary private legal practice. Our offering includes legal and strategic advice on a wide range of matters, encompassing climate change legal and policy developments and legislative drafting; climate finance; carbon markets and carbon finance; carbon tax; as well as greenhouse gas reporting and mitigation.


We counsel a broad range of clientele on traditional environmental regulatory matters, including new developments; the laws relating to air; water and waste; and environmental resource protection and remediation obligations.

We remain connected to the climate change and environmental community through our leadership roles on numerous panels and committees; in our capacity as University lecturers, and through training and educational programmes which we run across Africa. Our vision is to see climate change regulatory developments flourish across the continent, advancing in their ambition and complexity over time, as part of a sustainable future.

Solutions Driven

Advice that is accessible and solutions driven.

Uniquely Qualified

Multi-disciplinary work, in partnership with other suitably qualified non-legal experts

Cost Competitive

Legal support that is cost competitive and user-friendly.

Our reason for being

We strongly believe in providing advice that is accessible and solutions driven. For that reason we seek to provide legal support that is cost competitive and which is user-friendly to the broad array of multi-disciplinary actors in this field.

Climate change and environmental management are also multi-scalar and cross-disciplinary challenges which require a unique combination of skill-sets and expertise to address. Regulatory challenges are often intertwined with a number of related practical, management and inter-disciplinary challenges. We aim to meet this need by providing holistic solutions and innovative management to sustainably resolve these challenges.

Our Approach

A sustainable and holistic solution often requires the application of a unique combination of disparate skills and expertise, depending on the nature of an assignment. As a result, our work is often approached in a multi-disciplinary manner, in partnership with other suitably qualified non-legal experts. These may include adaptation and mitigation technical experts, environmental assessment practitioners, economists and social scientists, tax and carbon tax practitioners and auditors.

The composition of expert teams required to undertake a particular piece of work is entirely dependent on the requirements of the assignment. We have a wide network of specialist associations and we are able to tailor specialist teams according to the requirements of the matter.