Climate Change Law and Governance
Forthcoming publication in 2020/2021: “Carbon Tax in South Africa” by M Parker, A Gilder and O Rumble (Lexis Nexis)

This loose-leaf book is a theoretical and practical guide to the new Carbon Tax Act 15 of 2019 and is likely to be published towards the end of 2020. The authors are also working on a shorter guide to the Carbon Tax, to be published in the intervening period with Lexis Nexis.

Climate Change Law and Governance
Climate and Carbon Law Review 2019 “Evolving African Climate Change Law and Regulation"

This Special Issue of CCLR, drafted primarily by African legal practitioners and scholars and with Andrew Gilder and Olivia as guest editors, directly engages with how a number of African countries have sought to address climate change at a national level. It does so by providing a limited overview of, and critical reflection on, recent developments in climate change legislation and regulation in the region.

The issue can be found here: https://cclr.lexxion.eu/news/view/527, and is available as an updateable loose-leaf format and online.

Climate Change Law and Governance
Climate Change Law and Governance

Andrew and Olivia are co-editors and co-authors of South Africa’s first treatise on Climate Change Law and Governance. The book provides a comprehensive analysis of climate change in South Africa, the relevant laws and policies and their intersection with international governance structures. It can be accessed from Juta, and is available as an updateable loose-leaf format and online.

A complete list of Climate Legal publications can be accessed here: Climate Legal on Linkedin

This book is a significant reference that provides the framework for the governance of such collaborative action. It is accessible and comprehensive, and I predict it will lead to better shared understanding on climate governance matters.
Professor Barend Erasmus
Director of the Global Change and Sustainability Research Institute, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa
The chapter authors include academics and lawyers in private practice who are experts in their fields. Set against the backdrop of climate science and the international negotiations, insights into Africa’s and South Africa’s unique circumstances in dealing with climate change are offered. In addition, legal responses to an extensive range of sectoral impacts in South Africa are investigated and commented upon. The editors and authors are to be congratulated on this groundbreaking work.
Professor Rosemary Lyster
Professor of Climate and Environmental Law, University of Sydney, Australia
South Africa not only is the biggest emitter of the African continent, but in addition the country will also be hit hard by negative climate change impacts. This brilliant book covers South African climate change law and governance from all possible angles. It focuses on mitigation and adaptation in all relevant sectors, from energy to agriculture, and deals with important instruments such as carbon pricing and insurance.
Professor Jonathan Verschuuren
Professor of international and European environmental law, Tilburg University, Netherlands
The book is a must read for all those trying to ‘untangle’ the complex web of laws, discourses , paradigms and debates about climate change at various scales – locally, nationally and internationally.
Professor Coleen Vogel
Global Change and Sustainability Research Institute, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa